20 Hidden Adult Jokes In Children’s Movies

  featured In the long history of animation, artists and writers have been slipping in a little humor for the adults even if the film is meant to be family-friendly. It gives a little something for the parents to laugh about while their children are bouncing along with the colorful landscapes and goofy characters. Films that notoriously slipped in a few extra moments that even the adults thought were over the line include: The Little Mermaid: The minister is a little too excited while Ursula and Prince Eric are getting married. The Rescuers: While the mice fly through town on the back of Orville, there are a few frames of a naked woman in the window. The Lion King: When Simba lays down on a cliff edge, the dust forms the word S-E-X in the sky.   Though those moments are too on the nose with their adult references, audiences have laughed along with many other children’s movies for their use of tongue-in-cheek jokes that will go unnoticed by any of the kids. Here are some of the best adult jokes that have been slipped into family-friendly movies.   1. In the 2015 Pixar movie Inside Out, three of the emotions are talking about the possibility of bears in San Francisco when Anger (Lewis Black) states that he once saw a “really hairy guy” who looked like a bear. This is a little reference to San Francisco’s gay population, in which “Bear” is an oft-used descriptor. 1Inside Out (2015)

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