High Blood Sugar Signs That Your Body Is Trying To Tell You

What most people don’t know is that high blood sugar levels can cause severe damage. Whether you’re diabetic or not, high blood sugar can cause damage to your nerves, organs and blood vessels. The real danger though is when your blood sugar level does not go down. It’s when it doesn’t go down where serious health problems can occur.   One of the reasons why people suffer from high blood sugar is because they are uneducated about the seriousness of it and the signs that our body gives.   So in order to keep your body healthy, and your blood sugar levels down, keep an eye on the following signs that you have high blood sugar.   Constantly Thirsty: The main reason why high blood sugar causes you to be thirsty is polyuria. When your blood sugar level is high, your kidneys cannot keep up. So they produce more urine to get rid of the excess glucose they cannot absorb. This causes you to become dehydrated, according to WebMD. high blood sugar WorSangJun/shutterstock.com

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